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  • In our all-day Kindergarten program, students are regularly engaged in Religion, Math, Phonics, and English Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening). These subjects take place each day through many different hands-on lessons that also allow students to express their creativity (singing, dancing, and painting are some favorites!). Science and Social Studies are embedded within the aforementioned subjects, as well as in full investigative lessons when time permits. Students attend specials classes such as Art, Music, Computer, Library and Physical Education once per week.

  • Our Kindergarten program is a balance of developmentally appropriate, hands-on academics with structured play-based activities that allow students to reach their fullest potential spiritually, cognitively, socially, and emotionally. Students learn in an environment that nurtures their growth and independence while also helping them develop healthy relationships with peers and adults. Students learn to share with, cooperate with, and respect others. Students will learn by doing, creating, observing, discovering, imitating, questioning, examining, and exploring. Our low teacher to student ratio in Kindergarten allows for individualized attention and adjustment to a student's individual style of learning.

  • Kindergarten students are paired up with our 6th Grade Class in our "buddy system." Our buddies do many fun projects together throughout the year including arts & crafts, STREAM activities, service projects, and more. Our Kindergarten students love their "big kid" buddies and really look up to them as positive role models. Our older students take their jobs very seriously as buddies and are always checking in on their friends in Kindergarten. It's truly a win-win!

  • Our Kindergarten is a faith-based program that aims to foster in each student a deep appreciation for God's love, respect for others, and a positive self-image. Students pray daily and regularly attend masses with our school family. Students develop a love for learning and form their faith. Students leave our Kindergarten program prepared and confident for their transition into 1st Grade and their future years of education.

  • Kindergarten begins our students' time learning within our Primary Center, which means all students wear our school uniform daily (more information on uniforms/dress code available here), may purchase a hot lunch from our daily school lunch program, and may receive transportation to and from school. If you have any further questions about enrolling your student in Kindergarten, please call the school at 570-457-2553.

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