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"When making the decision on where to send our son for school, there was only one choice ... As a graduate of Holy Rosary in 1996, Seton Catholic in 2000, and King’s College in 2005, I can testify to what a Catholic Education gives an individual. The core values that it instills in a person can not be taught anywhere else. Every parent wants their child to grow up and be a doctor or lawyer. That does not always happen but one thing they will walk away with from a Catholic education is a heart of gold. They will be a good person that always puts others first, one that loves and cares with their whole heart, and that is something that my son Mason has already. I know the financial part of the education is tough on some, and I give much credit to those that choose to send their children to HRS, but I know in my heart that at the end of the day what Mason will gain from going there is priceless."

- Jeff Waters, Alumni ('96) and Parent of Mason (Kindergarten)

"One of the things that stood out about my time at Holy Rosary was the devotion to students’ growth and development. Because of the small class sizes each students' strengths were acknowledged and celebrated while an amazing support system was there for the struggles. Outside the classroom, the faculty is devoted to embracing and understanding students’ individual talents and interests, ensuring an environment that will help them to flourish. Seeing the respect, love, and encouragement among my peers helped me to better myself through my formative years and still resonates with me today. I will always look back on Holy Rosary fondly."

- Dr. Lyndsie Johndrow, D.V.M., Alumni ('07)

"I am beyond proud of what this little school can do! Primarily it is the dedication of the faculty and staff, through their perseverance and big hearts, who have made our school experience worth every penny. The feeling I had in the car drop off line one day explains it all. We were returning after Thanksgiving break with a lot of books from a week or so of using Google Classroom at home. Concern about the pandemic was heavy on everyone's minds. To our surprise, we were met with holiday music, funny Christmas hats, and an army of older students ready to help carry the extra books. Our children are well cared for. Our exemplary principal tries to brighten every week with something to cheer the kids, and make school fun. I love seeing all their creative ideas on Facebook. The core values of a Catholic Education are exemplified in the faculty and staff's hard work to bring everyone through the challenges we have faced to make us feel safe and keep our kids on track. They didn't miss a beat switching to virtual learning.  My children have grown academically and were also kept motivated with age appropriate activities. I am continually impressed with how they go above and beyond for our children. Thank you Holy Rosary School!"

- Nicole Traeger, Parent (Devin, Grade 3 & Aaron, Grade 1)

"As part of a healthcare team, providing compassionate care to others is an essential staple to my everyday life as a pharmacist. This was a quality instilled in me from an early age through my experiences at Holy Rosary. At a young age, Holy Rosary taught me the value of serving others, caring for those in need, and remaining compassionate to others whom you may not agree with. These are qualities that I have carried with me throughout my training and every day in my career. I am thankful for the invaluable lessons taught to me at Holy Rosary, the mindset of putting others first, and the understanding from an early age the impact that can be made on others’ lives. 
From an academic perspective, Holy Rosary helped prepare me for the next steps in my life. Following my education at Holy Rosary, I attended Scranton Preparatory School. Aware of the requirement of passing an entry exam, Holy Rosary helped pave a solid educational background that allowed me to successfully pass the entrance exam. This preparation was thanks to the education provided at Holy Rosary, which opened the door for me to pursue my next educational step. Were it not for the dedication to each student, the care and guidance from each member of the teaching staff, and the consistently high quality education, I believe my path would have been paved differently."

- Dr. Nicholas Preston, PharmD (Alumni, '10) 

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